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Collisions are where Thought meets Picture & Paint

Collisions have been shown at Art Basel for the last ten years.  They are mixed media pieces that turn written poetry into humanoid characters that tell a story from head to foot.  


Stretched on canvas and are 30' by 40'.  


$800 per print

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Industrial-Pop Art 

“Amer-Iconic” where merges two Iconic & Americana images. Lee then bonds the new image to classic auto parts & reclaimed road signs creating his Industrial-Pop-Art.

This series has created an important impact in Lee’s artistic career, bringing him the opportunity to premier alongside Romero Britto & being hung in The Andy Warhol Museum.

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Disgarded books get a second life...and so do the words within

Found books are taken from the trash and the words within are extracted to create poetry.  The originals are displayed below as the words are put onto parchment and the correct punctuation is restored.  Bookworms by Lee Dahlberg create powerful poetry from discarded books and disregarded words.  


Poetry rises from the ashes of forgotten pages.

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