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Zenith Art and Fashion "Lee Arthur Dahlberg"

(Zenith Art and Fashion)

Lee Arthur Dahlberg was born in Amelia Island , Florida. He grew up surrounded by creativity, inspired by his mother and grandmother who were ballerinas and Broadway stage performers.

From a very young age Lee was heavily influenced by his amazing role models always helping to build the sets and performing on stage. Lee’s imagination was free to roam and was fully expressed in countless productions throughout his childhood.

His painting career launched with his first series “Collisions” at Art Basel in 2002. This series was a visualization of his poetry with each piece telling a story from head to foot. “Collisions are where thought, meets picture, meets paint...the collision of the three.” This collection showed for 4 years and contains over 100 pieces in the series.

In 2005 Lee began his series “Bookworms” based again on his love of poetry. “In creating Bookworms I took pages from discarded books and highlighted words creating poetry in the middle of other’s writing. The words are extracted onto parchment where the punctuation is returned forming poetry from discarded words of others.” This was where Lee began his appreciation for repurposing.

Lee’s love for building furniture and design brought him to a new chapter in his creative career. He created a studio called “YouSonofaBench”. It was here he began creating a dynamic style of art and furniture that consisted of repurposed and reclaimed materials. “Using found items and whatever nature provides makes my designs organic expressions of art...the rough metal mixed with emotional imagery creates my Industrial-Pop Art.”

This brings us to his latest series “Amer-Iconic” where he merges two Iconic & Americana images. Lee then bonds the new image to classic auto parts & reclaimed road signs creating his Industrial-Pop-Art.

This series has created an important impact in Lee’s artistic career, bringing him the opportunity to premier alongside Romero Britto & being hung in The Andy Warhol Museum.

Lee Dahlberg uses old & reclaimed materials & gives them a second life wrapped in new ideas. This year marks the 16th Art Basel that Lee Arthur Dahlberg has shown his pieces.

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