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Today we’d like to introduce you to Lee Dahlberg.

Lee was born in Amelia Island, FL Inspired by his mother & grandmother who were ballerinas & stage performers. Growing up in the theatre he was always building & painting sets for Broadway shows presented by his amazing role models. He started his painting career with his first collection “Collisions” -2001

In 2005, Lee began his series “Bookworms” where he took pages from discarded books and highlighted words creating poetry in the middle of other’s writing. This was where he began his appreciation for repurposing.

His love for building furniture and design brought him a new chapter in his creative career. He created a studio called “YouSonofaBench” workshop creating a dynamic Style which consists of repurposing reclaimed materials. “Using found items & what nature provides makes my designs organic expressions of art”.

Discovering mixing arts with recycle pieces Lee brings his latest series “Americonic” where he merges Iconic images and classic auto parts. This series has caused an important impact in Lee’s artistic career, bringing him the opportunity to exhibit alongside Romero Britto.

This year marks the 16th Art Basel that Lee has shown his pieces. Lee uses old & reclaimed materials & gives them a second life wrapped in new ideas.


2017 marked his 17th Art Basel where he had showcase with BRITTO at Galleria Mall for Pride Center Charity In 2016 Lee showed his works at Art Bastion Gallery next to Frida Kahlo 2014 – 2017 Lee showed at Florida Film House in Wynwood 2015 – 2017 Lee has worked with Kakar House of Design

Lee has been a featured artist on ABC, NBC, CBS, Deco Drive, Good Day LA, E! & many more media outlets

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do you do and why and what do you hope others will take away from your work?

I have a few series: Collisions by Lee Dahlberg are based on poetry. They are where picture, meets paint, meets ideas…the collision of the three.

Bookworms by Lee Dahlberg are poems created from other’s word & recycled. They are traced out of torn reclaimed book pages having them look like “worms”.

Amer-iconic by Lee Dahlberg takes two iconic images from Americana and merges then graphically. Then they are printed & adhered to car parts & road signs.

What do you think it takes to be successful as an artist?

Most of my reward comes when people just get my work… When they truly understand it. I’ve gotten to show my work in the last 16 art Basel’s & done shows with BRITTO. I think most artists just want their work to be seen… If someone purchases it that’s a bonus but it’s not my in game… I often say that I love creating my art I’m not a fan of selling my art

Do you have any events or exhibitions coming up? Where would one go to see more of your work? How can people support you and your artwork?

Kakar House of Design & Blu Egg Interiors has an assortment of my pieces but people can reach me on my studio Instagram at: YouSonofaBench

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1301 Funston Street

  • Website:

  • Phone: 3059925337

  • Email:

  • Instagram: YouSonofaBench

  • Facebook: LEE.Dahlberg.56

  • Twitter: LeeDahlberg

  • Other:

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