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Naturally what “hangs out” with the Rock Bands and the roadies are the GROUPIES!
GROUPIE necklaces sets come with a brown and a black vintage leather necklace. They also come with a postal chain and dog tag necklace. The dog tag features my Eaglerock logo which is an eagle holding a gun and a guitar and stands for Freedom Rebellion and Music.  The other tag has the motto of my company “Abandon Conformity.”

The set also comes with seven pendants in the shape of guitar picks. On these pics are the original rockstars, The world’s religious icons portrayed playing instruments in a band. The point is, “what if they all just played along” :-)  The concept is that you can pick your religious icon and place them on your chain of your choice making every time you wear your groupie necklace set original to you. These sets were featured in Neiman Marcus.

Groupie Necklace Set

$125.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price

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