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The Rock Chain wallet/clutch by a Rock Bands by Lee Dahlberg is a hand-carved Italian leather wallet/clutches that come in brown vintage, black vintage, or black Croco style. Each wallet/clutch is embossed with my ROCK EAGLE logo that is an eagle holding a gun and a guitar and stands for freedom, rebellion & music.

These wallets feature a magnetize clasping device. They have a stone chain and you can choose between Howlite which is the white stone, Hematite which is the silver stone, or Obsidian which is a black stone.

Each wallet will come with the stone meaning of your personal choice. The chains can hold up to 100 pounds and are very durable. The chains are removable. The wallets were featured in Neiman Marcus for $225.

Rock Chain Wallets and Clutches

$225.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price

    Explore the meaning of your healing stone

    Green Jasper
    Red Jasper
    Black Agate
    Rose Quartz
    Tiger's Eye
    Blue Jasper
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